Who is perfect – INFEA Flower of Life stainless steel polished Ø 44cm – slightly scratched


Includes 19% MwSt.
Delivery Time: approx. 3-4 working days
Item number: BdL ES 044 B


Who is perfect – INFEA ” Flower of Life ” stainless steel, highly polished, thickness 1.2mm, mirror polished, Ø 44cm, slightly scratched***


The “Flower of Life” is an ancient symbol and is part of the sacred geometry. The flower embodies the creation pattern and the origin of all life can be derived from it. The “Flower of Life” is located in many places of worship, for example in the Egyptian Abydos, in China (even three-dimensional), in South America and Europe. It is a symbol for harmony and the order of all life.

The application field is almost unlimited. All products that incorporate the “Flower of Life” harmonize the room and the observer.


*** The B-quality is great for the practical work, for hanging up, for daring, laying under the bed or the treatment couch, just to everything except for just hanging on the wall, then we recommend the A-disc!


The stainless steel “Flower of Life” disks can be used for:

  • placing on the body (self-treatment)
  • for water harmonization (just place the carafe, glass, or jar on it)
  • harmonization of groceries (just place fruits or other groceries on it)
  • for observation (wall decoration or window decoration)