Here you will find all the beautiful pieces of jewellery. Most of our “favourite pieces” are made in Austria. The jewellery is gold-plated and silver-plated in Germany. This is also where we assemble the jewellery with the high-quality Swarovski® crystals.

We have the most beautiful Flower of Life jewellery! We are too modest to say so ourselves, but we hear again and again from our customers that they have never seen such beautiful pendants, earrings and bracelets with the Flower of Life or other symbols. The secret lies in the quality. Our jewellery is beautifully crafted and only Swarovski® crystals are used!

The combination of the jewellery pieces is particularly popular. Pendants, bangles, rings and earrings go very well together and can be beautifully matched to the desired outfit. Create your own style – special requests regarding Swarovski Crystals* can be fulfilled in most cases, just talk to us.

*SWAROVSKI® is a registered and protected trademark of Swarovski AG.