Towels & Bathrobes

These terrycloth bathrobes are so beautiful and soft that you never want to take them off! Available in three different colours – always organic cotton!

The terrycloth towels also incorporate the “Flower of Life” symbol, available in 6 sizes and 5 colours. The beach towel is perfect as a cushion for yoga mats and beach loungers. This size is also recommended for therapists at work. Additionally, the fine vibrations of the “Spirit of OM” can support therapy.

Material: 100% certified organic cotton, suitable for tumble drying

guest towel 30 x 46 cm, face towel 48 x 109 cm*, bath towel 69 x 155 cm*,beach towel 133 x 220 cm*(only available in sun salute/coral), bath rug 69 x 91 cm*

* = The sizes 48x109cm, 69x155cm, 88x198cm, 133x220cm and 69x91cm are feng shui sizes.