INFEA® ”Flower of Life” discs stainless steel handpolished Ø 9-22cm

35,00 135,00 

Delivery Time: approx. 2-3 working days
Item number: BdL ES 009-022


INFEA® ”Flower of Life”, stainless steel, hand polished, thickness 1.2mm, sizes: Ø 9, 13, 18 and 22cm and in the 3-advantage set
Wonderfully beautiful, to touch and versatile e.g.:

  • as a coaster to energise drinks and food
  • as a window picture
  • for energetic work, chakra work, for placing on painful areas, also on animals
  • put under the pillow (sick animals under the sleeping place)

The discs can be kept sterile by boiling, therefore they are especially suitable for therapeutic work. Since the vibrations differ with the size, it sometimes makes sense to choose the set (this always fits well with families) or to request a ”sample set against a deposit and test which of the discs is the best for you. Fitting does not mean that much helps a lot…see also our videos and seminar offers.
Learn more about the Flower of Life symbol here