INFEA® Crop Circle Angel stainless steel polished Ø 25 – 44cm

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Item number: WB KE 025-044


INFEA® Crop Circle ‘Angel’, stainless steel, polished, thickness 1,5mm, Ø 25 or 44cm – made in Germany and Austria
For physical reasons, the disc is hardly noticeably slightly curved.
With this extremely finely crafted INFEA mural, we have succeeded in depicting the crop circle discovered in southern England in 2001 1:1 and thus preserving the energy for you. Many viewers perceive it as an “angel” symbol and are overwhelmed by the power that emanates from it…
The message lying in the “angel” crop circle causes many people a deep touching of the soul and or an opening of the heart – but have a look for yourself…
Beautiful photos will follow! – a challenge due to the glossy effect…