Pendant ”Flower of Life” 925 Silver – in 2 sizes

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Includes 19% MwSt.
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Item number: Ah BdL 925


Pendant ”Flower of Life”, 925 silver (100% silver-plated*), sizes: Ø 25mm and 35mm
These very beautiful and finely crafted pendants are made of sterling silver. The flower of life has a diameter of 25mm or 35mm. A noble piece of jewellery with a special effect. They form the basis for a range of other models with Swarovski® crystals…
*Sterling silver consists of 92.5 parts silver and the rest is made up of other metals, mostly copper and usually tarnishes, which we know from “grandma’s silver”. Through the additional silver plating, the pendant shines beautifully silvery and does not tarnish so quickly, and if it does, then rather yellowish. With the right storage and the known methods (boiling water on salt in aluminium foil) the pendant shines in new splendour!

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