Pendant ”Flower of Life” completed stainless steel gold plated – in 3 sizes

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Includes 19% MwSt.
Delivery Time: approx. 2-3 working days
Item number: S Ah BdL vol ES vg


Pendant ”Flower of Life”, completed / extended, stainless steel gold plated, sizes: Ø 35, 52 and 72mm.
This variation of the ”Flower of Life” results when you draw a row more around the classic Flower of Life with the compass, or in other words, the half circles started at the outer edge of the classic ”Flower of Life” are completed. Hence the name ‘expanded’ or ‘completed’. All sizes definitely vibrate differently, even from the classical ”Flower of Life”. According to our experience, it is not better or worse, it is rather that one person feels more with the classical one and the other with the completed version. Of course, the erwitere Flower of Life without an edge also vibrates differently, both than this variant and the classical kind…everything is individual!
Learn more at symbols ”Flower of Life rimless / extended”

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