INFEA® Crop Circle ”Sceptre of Ascension” stainless steel highly polished – 57 x 18cm


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INFEA® Crop Circle ”Sceptre of Ascension”, stainless steel, highly polished, thickness 1,5mm, size: L= 57cm W= approx. 18cm – made for you in Germany and Austria.
This piece of jewellery is something special. It is the exact image of a crop circle discovered in France in 2019 and not only has an effect due to its fine grace. According to experts, crop circles contain information that is often based on “sacred geometry”. Experts suspect that the increasingly complex crop circles are related to the expansion of human consciousness.
This crop circle supports us in raising our consciousness and can give us access to higher dimensions. On a subtle level, the connection with our Higher Self, our physical chakras and our Earth Star is strengthened for the necessary “grounding”. The sceptre uplifts us and reminds us to re-empower ourselves and connect with ourselves and creation.
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