INFEA Pendant ‘‘Guardian of Life‘‘ © by David Vosen stainless steel gold plated Ø 39mm


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INFEA® Pendant ‘‘Guardian of Life‘‘ © by David Vosen, stainless steel gold plated, with plate of obsidian, black, size: Ø 35mm, with plate Ø 39mm – made for you in Germany and Austria
Information on the Guardian of Life:

Power symbol “Guardian of Life” © by David Vosen

The successful healer, shaman and coach David Vosen describes the “Guardian of Life” manifested by him as follows:
The symbol Guardian of Life is a very powerful high vibrational symbol of the new age, which connects you with your primal energy and strengthens it. It is the reconnector and preserver of your true energy of origin.
It harmonises negative energies that block your development and thus prevent you from moving forward. It is your companion on your life path. It opens your true potentials and connects you with your life path to the origin of your true being.
The guardian of life begins like life itself from the feminine principle through the two ovals in the lower centre. The outer circle symbolises Mother Earth – Mother Cosmos and the inner circle symbolises the female living being on the physical plane.
From the feminine energy springs the path of life, bordered on both sides by the book of life, which merges into the path of magic and mysticism.
The two spirals in the upper area are birth on the right side and death (the rebirth) on the left side.
The three circles in the upper part of the symbol symbolise, starting from the bottom, the Lower Self, the Middle Self and the High Self.
The guardian of life is surrounded by spires symbolising the masculine principle (father sun) and by feminine spires symbolising the feminine principle (mother earth).
The symbol is excellent for harmonising and purifying rooms, properties and one’s own environment. Worn on the body as a pendant you experience the power of the guardian of life in you and around you. It invites you to step into your full power and take the next step. It is your energetic companion in all situations of life. It connects you with your cosmic parents on a physical, mental and spiritual level.
– Strengthening
– Harmonising
– Clarifying
– Connecting
– Purifying
– Invigorating
Guardians of Life © by David Vosen – find out more about David’s interesting work h e r e

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