Terry towels Flower of Life emerald green by ”The Spirit of OM” – various options

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Feng shui terrycloth towels with Flower of Life by The Spirit of OM, colour: emerald / green
Material: 100% organic cotton (controlled organic cultivation), with inserted rose quartz and amethyst precious stones – produced in Europe

Feng Shui terry towels in 3 sizes. The large loungers are ideal as a support for yoga mats and loungers. Also ideal for therapists as a treatment pad. The fine Spirit-of-OM vibration contributes to the support of the therapy. The bath towels are great for drying off and wrapping up after a shower or as a beach towel…
Especially nice: one side emerald and the motifs are green and the other side is the exact opposite colour!
Suitable dryer, washable 60 °