”Flower of Life” made of wood – in 2 sizes

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”Flower of Life” made of wood (birch), thickness: 3 mm, sizes: approx. Ø 9 and 28cm
The areas of application are almost limitless. All articles with the “Flower of Life” harmonise the room and the viewer.
The wooden “flowers of life” can be used for example

  • as a coaster to harmonise water (simply place a carafe, glass or jug on it)*
  • to harmonise food (simply place fruit or other food on top)
  • for contemplation (i.e. as wall ornament or window decoration)
  • for handicrafts and embellishment as desired

We deliberately leave the Flower of Life made of wood in its natural state, so that everyone can paint and process it according to their own wishes…
Attention: the Flower of Life made of wood is filigree, very light and therefore not very robust! If you want robust, you should change to the stainless steel discs polished 9-18-cm
*They should not float in water, otherwise they will swell…