Belts (buckles & straps)

Belt made of leather with the symbols “Flower of Life”, ”OM” and “I LOVE”.

Actually, one should rather speak of a belt system, because besides the belts, both the belt buckles and the belt bands can be ordered individually. The buckles (belt buckles) and belt straps can be converted in just a few steps. So you can buy several buckles and one belt or one buckle and several belts and combine them as you like.

In detail: all (small) 5.5 cm buckles fit all 3 cm belt bands and all (large) 7.5 cm buckles fit all 4 cm belt bands. The standard length is 105 cm (special lengths available at the same prices, please report).

Excursus: the 3 cm belt straps also fit the 7.5 cm buckles.

However, the 4 cm belt straps have to be reduced to 3 cm at the end (cut off a small corner) so that they fit through the gate of the 5.5 cm buckle and can be screwed on. This sounds more complicated than it is and can be done by anyone, as the end of the belt band worked on in this way does not have to look nice either, as it disappears behind the buckle and is therefore not visible. Otherwise a cobbler can help quickly and possibly for free…

The buckles are made in Italy and the leather straps in Germany.

The metal casting from which the belt buckles are made is ZAMAK (tin-aluminium-magnesium-copper), the surface of the “silver” models are genuinely silver-plated and 100% nickel-free. The surface of the “brass” models are made of real brass and 100% nickel-free, all other metal parts are also 100% nickel-free.

If you lose a screw, just get in touch, we have a replacement for you!